NLPSA Lab at Academia Sinica is a team of faculty, postdocs, and students
who work together on algorithm and applications.

Our work ranges from basic research in computational linguistics to key applications in human language technology, and covers areas such as sentiment analysis, semantic role labeling, information extraction and computer assisted language learning (CALL).

News & Events

EmotionGIF 2020

the shared task of SocialNLP 2020

EmotionX 2019

the shared task of SocialNLP 2019


Knowledge-Enriched Visual Storytelling

AAAI 2020

Chao-Chun Hsu, Zi-Yuan Chen, Chi-Yang Hsu, Chih-Chia Li, Tzu-Yuan Lin, Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang, Lun-Wei Ku

UHop: An Unrestricted-Hop Relation Extraction Framework for Knowledge-Based Question Answering


Zi-Yuan Chen, Chih-Hung Chang, Yi-Pei Chen, Jijnasa Nayak and Lun-Wei Ku

Exam Keeper: Detecting Questions with Easy-to-Find Answers

WWW Demo 2019

Ting-Lun Hsu, Shih-Chieh Dai and Lun-Wei Ku


Jim Kao

Admin. Assistant

Chell Chien

Admin. Assistant

Boaz Shmueli

PhD. Candidate

Kuan-Chieh Lo

Research Assistant

Samuel Yeh

Research Assistant

Chih-Yao Chen

Research Assistant

Dominic Chen

Research Assistant

Allen Hung

Research Assistant

Rong-Syuan Lin

Research Assistant

Yili Hsu

Part-time Research Assistant

Luana Chen

Part-time Research Assistant

Yo-Yen Lin

Part-time Research Assistant

Corpus & Resources


Semantic Role Labeling, language learning and Emotion detection

Semantic Role Labeling

A semantic role labeling system for Chinese. (Shafqat Virk and Andy Lee)

SRL Concept

A semantic role labeling system. (Shafqat Virk and Andy Lee)

502 Bad Gateway


This project aims to recognize implicit emotions in blog posts. (Chenyi Lee and Maxis Kao)


An online writing assessment tool that help ESL choosing right emotion words. (Wei-Fan Chen and Frankle Chen)


Learning confusion words by example sentences. (Chieh-Yang Huang)